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Christmas Tree Festival 2007

2007 was our first attempt at a Christmas Tree Festival. Our theme was HOPE, a start to our thinking about HOPE 2008, the national initiative supported by all Christian churches throughout the country.
Each tree related to a local or national charity our groups support or a theme to illustrate HOPE. Operation Christmas Child, NCH, MRDF, Boys' Brigade, Bible Society, Emmanuel House, Framework, Rainbows Hospice, Scouts, Christian Aid and Jesus the Hope of the World were all highlighted.


Easter 2008

The Lenten Cross transformed with daffodils celebrating the new life found in the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Christmas Tree Festival 2008

Our Christmas Tree Festival this year involved the groups telling the Christmas story by creating decorations that depicted Christmas Carols. Donations were collected for Bethel School in Accra, Ghana. The school began by a member from our Aspley Church donating her small bungalow so a school could be started there in the village. Aspley church supports the school with donations of money, books, toys and other educational items. Ravensworth Road church was inspired by the story and also wanted to support this work. The festival was open on the two Saturdays before Christmas for visitors. The event provided a great opportunity for the church to be open for the community as well as drawing the groups together to enjoy involvement in the event.


Easter 2009

The Lenten Cross transformed with daffodils celebrating the new life found in the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Christmas Tree Festival 2010

Our tree decorations this year depict different stories from the Bible - from the Old Testament leading to the birth of Jesus in the New Testament. 2011 is the 400th Anniversary of the Authorised version of the Bible and the church will be encouraging people with to learn more about God's word through Biblefresh – an initiative of the Bible Society for all churches. The King James' Bible was the third translation of the Bible into English, the first being completed by John Wycliffe, although there had been partial translations by earlier scholars. Many scholars gave their lives so that everyone could read God's living Word.


Easter Cross 2011

The Lord is Risen



Christmas time is a mixture of Christian and secular celebrations. This year we celebrated by highlighting the origins and traditions of Christmas. The different groups of the church depicted many things associated with Christmas such as 'candles and lights'; 'Christmas food'; 'St Nicholas'; 'angels and shepherds;, 'stars and bells' and more besides. Even the pantomime was depicted to show how good triumphs over evil. Jesus' birthday is a time to celebrate and each group used their imagination to show how we can all celebrate the light of the world coming in the dark days of winter.


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